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Overview of Services

The Analytical and Biomolecular Research Facility (ABRF) operates from two locations (Callaghan, Life Sciences Building and HRMI) and forms one-half of the University of Newcastle's Central Analytical Facilities.  The ABRF, along with it's sister unit the Electron Microspcope and X-Ray Unit (EMX) exists as a centralised research support unit funded by Research and Innovation Division. It provides the University's research community with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and associated technical support in the areas of Analytical and Biological Mass Spectrometry as well as Flow Cytometry and Advanced Imaging.


The ABRF Laboratory is a University-classified Restricted Area. As such, access to all ABRF areas is strictly controlled for security as well as health and safety reasons. Access is granted only after undergoing a basic laboratory induction process and subsequent authorisation by ABRF staff.  Access to the ABRF Laboratory is secured by electronic locks, which are in operation at all times (i.e. ‘24/7’), and entry requires the use of a ‘swipe card’.


Location and hours of operation

Hours/Days Open Hours/Days staffed Location

 ABRF -24/7

Monday - Friday 9-5

Callaghan Campus

LS4.14 to 4.18 Life Sciences Building, University Drive, Callaghan



Level 2 West Wing 2201 Lot 1 Kookaburra Circuit, New Lambton Heights

Links and Resources

  1. https://www.newcastle.edu.au/research-and-innovation/resources/central-scientific-services/abrf


Name Role Phone Email Location



Nathan Smith
Operations Coordinator -CAF & Biological MS
LS 4.50
Tony Rothkirch
Professional Officer -ABRF Analytical MS
LS 4.50
Nicole Cole
Professional Officer -ABRF FACS
18702 / 20094
LS 4.50 / 2201 West Wing HMRI

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