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Our Central Analytical Facilities team will cease operations during the Hunter region's lockdown period. For any urgent analytical needs, contact Nathan Smith (Operations Coordinator for our CAF team) noting that CAF will only provide support to those who have obtained ADR and PVC approval.

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Central Analytical Facilities - Analytical and Biomolecular Research Facility


Overview of Services

The Analytical and Biomolecular Research Facility (ABRF) operates from two locations (Callaghan, Life Sciences Building and HRMI) and forms one-half of the University of Newcastle's Central Analytical Facilities.  The ABRF, along with it's sister unit the Electron Microspcope and X-Ray Unit (EMX) exists as a centralised research support unit funded by Research and Innovation Division. It provides the University's research community with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and associated technical support in the areas of Analytical and Biological Mass Spectrometry as well as Flow Cytometry and Advanced Imaging.


The ABRF Laboratory is a University-classified Restricted Area. As such, access to all ABRF areas is strictly controlled for security as well as health and safety reasons. Access is granted only after undergoing a basic laboratory induction process and subsequent authorisation by ABRF staff.  Access to the ABRF Laboratory is secured by electronic locks, which are in operation at all times (i.e. ‘24/7’), and entry requires the use of a ‘swipe card’.


Location and hours of operation

Hours/Days Open Hours/Days staffed Location

 ABRF -24/7

Monday - Friday 9-5

Callaghan Campus

LS4.14 to 4.18 Life Sciences Building, University Drive, Callaghan



Level 2 West Wing 2201 Lot 1 Kookaburra Circuit, New Lambton Heights

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Name Role Phone Email Location

Nathan Smith
Operations Coordinator -CAF & Biological MS
LS 4.50
Tony Rothkirch
Professional Officer -ABRF Analytical MS
LS 4.50
Nicole Cole
Professional Officer -ABRF FACS
18702 / 20094
LS 4.50 / 2201 West Wing HMRI
Erika Nentwich
Administration Officer

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