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Central Analytical Facilities 

Our Central Analytical Facilities (CAF) team gives researchers, students and external partners access to highly specialised, multi-disciplinary scientific equipment and services. Our technology streams range from flow cytometry to analytical and biological mass spectrometry, advanced confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray technologies and more. Our instruments are supported by expert staff and are centrally maintained.

For more information please visit our website or ResearcHub (internal only).  

You can browse our suite of available equipment by using the "Search for Equipment & Services" tab above.

Access rates are in place (based on hourly usage) for Internal Self-Service, Internal Full-service and Full Service Commercial activity.


If you can't find the type of equipment needed for your research within our Central Analytical Facilities or require assistance, please contact:

Nathan Smith
Senior Manager, Central Analytical Facilities
College of Engineering, Sciences & Environment

The College of Engineering, Science and Environment (CESE) is spread across the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focusing on uncovering new knowledge, creating revolutionary technology, and delivering innovative teaching. 



The CESE Leams Core provides access to equipment, instrumentation and facilities for suitably trained staff and students.  

Equipment and Technology includes -- Beckman Optima Max -XP Centrifuge Beckman Optima L-100XP Perkin Elmer FTIR Spectrophotometer Tescan Integrated Mineral Analyser.

Please check back regularly, as more technologies will be available soon.


CESE Digital Technology and Psychology Instruments and Facilities Core 

The CESE Digital Technology and Psychology Instrument /Facilities core provides access to equipment, technologies and facilities for suitably trained College staff and students.   

Equipment and Technology includes but is not limited to:   

Digital Technology 

  • Software Development Computers
  • Computational Computing
  • VR and AR Technologies
  • 3D Scanners 
Psychology Instruments / Facilities 
  • Cognitive Science Lab
  • FIND Lab
  • Imaging Centre
  • Ourimbah ERP Lab 


If youhave additional questions related to CESE's equipment and facilities, please contact:

Jason Nolan
Technical Operations Manager, CESE 

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Bioresearch Facility

Bioresearch Facility
CESE Digital Technology and Psychology Instrument and Facilities Core

Technical Operations Team

CESE Technical Operations
Central Analytical Facilities - Electron Microscopy & X-Ray

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-Ray technologies
Central Analytical Facilities - Flow Cytometry, Mass Spectrometry & Confocal Microscopy

Flow Cytometry, Advanced Confocal Microscopy & Mass Spectrometry technologies

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